5-6 November 2022

With Theatre de Liege and NT Gent

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Despair is too easy is a forum on sustainability curated by director and program-maker Lara Staal. Artists, activists and academics are invited to propose new terminology, alternative horizons and diverse imaginaries to speak about a possible future that is sustainable, ecological and inclusive. Speeches will be alternated with concerts, poetry, conversation, silences, and interaction.

The title Despair is too easy  forms the point of departure; if despair is not an option than how do we continue to fight for a fundamental transition that makes a radical cut with a system that is built on segragation, profit, extraction, and pollution? How do we form alliances? What strategies are there to stay with hope? How can we shift the focus on solving single issues, to a holistic approach that is about changing the fundaments on which our very societies are built?

Sara Borgstrom